Payroll Debit Cards
The Platinum Pay Visa® Debit Card allows your employees the added convenience, security and cost savings of a direct deposit program. No bank accounts or credit checks needed - just complete the enrollment form to get your Visa Debit Card today. Since your pay is directly deposited to the Platinum Pay Card you'll never have to pay high fees to cash your check. You'll never pay to access your money at merchant locations, so keep your money safe and access when needed without paying a fee! Platinum Pay Card Benefits include:

Seamless Integration: Each Platinum Pay Card has a routing number and account number that works with your existing Direct Deposit program

  • Other payroll card programs force additional steps to fund the card

Low Cost to the Employer: The ROI to the employer is immediate

  • Set-up fees, monthly fees, per deposit fees are charged by our competitors - not by the Platinum Pay Card

Every Legal US Resident Qualifies: All employees Banked, Un-banked and Credit Challenged are eligible for the payroll card. Apply Now.

  • Others tie the payroll card to an existing bank account forcing those without an account to obtain one
  • Employees benefit from an additional financial tool for making purchases. Employees will enjoy the convenience of a VISA® to auto draft their cell phone bill, download music purchases, shop and pay bills on line, access cash at thousands of ATMs and more.

Employer Savings and Increased Productivity with Payroll Cards: Learn more about the Best Use of the Platinum Pay Visa Debit Card

  • Free management staff from handing out checks
  • No lost or stolen check replacement
  • Employees don't leave work early to cash checks
  • Better manage employee expense reimbursement

Employee Savings with Payroll Cards:

  • Money can be access for FREE at merchant location offering 'cash back'
  • All purchases are FREE using the Pay Card
  • Substantial savings if cash taken at ATM vs. Check Cashing Stores

Added Security with Payroll Cards:

  • Employers financial information on issued checks is eliminated
  • Eliminates Check Fraud
  • Employee funds are FDIC, PIN and VISA® protected

Customer Service Support:

  • 24 / 7 / 365 multi-lingual support center to help cardholders with their account
  • Payroll cards reduce administrative time spent on handling check issuing problems
  • Lost and stolen cards are handled by contacting the Pay Card support center

Additional Information: