Choose Our Full-Service Suite or Tailor a Solution that Fits Your Specific Needs

You have the option to use Hill Country Payroll’s full suite of HCM services or, if your organization only needs a few solutions, choose the services you currently need. We work with you to create a customized plan that fits your situation. Don’t worry about being forced into an oversized service plan. As your organization grows, your HCM services can expand, too. Add on new services whenever you like by giving us a quick, easy phone call.

Single Unified Platform

Hill Country Payroll offers a unified platform that gives you one control center to access everything you need without having to switch between software and applications. Your employees enjoy the same benefit by seeing all their information in one place with one login. No more headaches and fuss trying to juggle multiple systems.

Cloud-Based Software

You will never have to deal with out-of-date software licenses or pricey required system upgrades. With cloud-based software, your application is automatically updated so you are working with the latest version available every time. 

Dedicated Support Team

At Hill Country Payroll, you will have a support team that knows you, your business, and your service plan. You won’t have to wait around and explain your service plan to a different person every time you have an issue. When you need help, you will get it right away.

Access Your HCM Portal from Any Device

Today, people are using mobile and tablet devices to do everything for work and leisure. We’ve optimized our software so that you and your team can access it no matter what device they are using. Employees have access to all the information and functions they need without being restrained to a desktop computer.