Resources and Information from Hill Country Payroll

The last two weeks have been the wildest ride many of us have experienced as business owners and leaders. In many cases it has been difficult to even imagine the changes can happen in just a short 24 hour period.

Hill Country Payroll will be here with you. While we are working under some new processes to ensure the safety of our team, our clients, and their businesses, HCP is fully operational and is committed to ensuring your employees are paid on time.

We have spent many hours over the last 2 weeks working to stay on top of business and legislative changes as well as talking with clients and friends to share what we have learned. It became apparent we needed to have one place to share this information as it is evolves almost every hour. To that end, we have created this blog that will ultimately reside on our new website that will be launched in the coming weeks. As a small business serving small business, we are in this with you and stand ready to help in any way possible. Please reach out with any questions or comments. Wishing you the best – stay safe!

Writ, Coby, and Cale